Boxer mix puppies available soon

December 7th, 2013


These boxer mix puppies are the only surviving members of their litter.  They came to us three weeks ago and were sick with parvo virus.  From an initial weight of three pounds they have grown to seven pounds.  They are now healthy, frisky, and friendly. They will be available for adoption the week of December 16th.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 28th, 2013

Lily, Deli, Turner, Rosie, and Peach celebrated Thanksgiving today.  Legend has it that the dogs who came over on the Mayflower included an English spaniel and a mastiff.

The Thanksgiving celebration included pumpkin biscuits, turkey biscuits, and carrot muffins.  The icing was made with cream cheese and honey.  The smiley face on the pumpkin biscuit was made with  butterscotch chips.  Yum! Yum!

At the Fire Station

November 25th, 2013

Deli recently acquired a fire fighter coat and cap.  She tried them on at the Montgomery City Fire Station on Fairview Avenue.

At the Oyster Bar

November 8th, 2013

Peach and Lily visited the Capitol Oyster Bar on the Alabama river in Montgomery.

Rosie and Deli got to enter the oyster bar and sit on the deck.  They didn't consume any oysters but got to eat a few crackers.

Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2013

Rosie (dinosaur), Turner (alligator), Deli (frog), Peach (lady bug), and Lily (pig) are all set for Halloween fun.

One Down Two to Go

October 27th, 2013

One of the foster puppies was adopted yesterday.  That leaves the smooth-haired male (on the left) and his sister looking for good homes.

Foster puppies for October

October 20th, 2013

This month we have three foster puppies at our home.  This photo was taken this afternoon.  The puppies are about 10 weeks old and will be going to the spay/neuter clinic in a few days.  The puppy on the left is probably a chihuahua mix, and the other two appear to have some Jack Russell heritage.  The puppies will be available through the Humane Society of Elmore County.

Let’s Watch a Football Game

October 13th, 2013

Peach patiently waited yesterday evening for the start of the Alabama – Kentucky football game.  Peach is a Bama fan.

It’s Hunting Season, Be Courteous

September 30th, 2013

There appears to be some sort of U.S. Forest Service program in San Juan County, Colorado to discourage shooting at road signs.  Peach checks out signs near South Mineral Creek.  Rifle hunting season for deer and elk is less than two weeks away.  All of the dogs will be wearing orange when out in the woods and fields at that time.

Welcome Angela

September 24th, 2013

Angela is a 2 year old spaniel/basset hound mix who came to the shelter with puppies and also was found to be heart worm positive.  That's all been taken care of.  She is in foster care at our house because she needs a little bit of maintenance to her coat everyday, really not much just a few minutes of combing is sufficient and we are just making sure she is OK with other dogs and cats and that she is house trained.  She is now living with 2 other dogs and 1 cat and doing fine.  She is very polite about staying in a crate.  She loves to play with toys, go for walks, and really enjoys being petted.  She is very friendly.  She will be available for adoption through the Humane Society of Elmore County.

Happy Birthday Deli

September 18th, 2013


Turner, Rosie, Deli, Peach, and Lily wear their party hats at Deli's recent birthday party.

Her cake was made with lean ground turkey and a veggie mix:  Sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots.

After everyone gave Deli their best wishes, cake was served.

The Dog at the End of the Rainbow

September 15th, 2013

There was a shower a few minutes ago in Silverton and Peach went out to look at the resulting rainbow.  Note that she is positioned only a few feet from the fire hydrant.  What a smart dog!  The church in the background is the First Congregational Church, and at the extreme left in the background is the top of the San Juan County court house.

The Mushrooms are up

September 12th, 2013

Turner, Rosie, Peach, Lily, and Deli check out a fairy ring of Amanita muscaria on Anvil Mountain.  In the basket at the left of the photo is a Boletus edulis.

At the Harley-Davidson Store

August 30th, 2013

Turner, Rosie, Scout, Peach, and Lily visited the Harley-Davidson store in Silverton this morning.

At the Mushroom Festival

August 21st, 2013


Deli attended the Telluride Mushroom Festival this past weekend.  Here she poses next to a giant puffball mushroom.

Give Peas a Chance

August 15th, 2013

Peach checks out the crop of snow peas in the vegetable garden.  Snow peas do well in the cool climate of Silverton CO.

Welcome Stevie the Tuxedo Cat

August 11th, 2013

Stevie is the latest addition to our household.  He was adopted from the Human Society of Elmore County.  He gets along very well with all of the dogs.  As for the cats, well, it can take time for adult cats to adjust to the introduction of another adult cat into the home.

Stevie enjoys curling up on the cushion in front of the wood stove.  How cat-like!

Boletes are Good to Eat

August 4th, 2013

There are plenty of king bolete (porcini) mushrooms in the San Juan Mountains this month.  Peach accompanied her master on a mushroom foray today.  These boletes will be dried and used for soup and risotto.

While her master was foraging, Peach found some elk poop to roll in.  Yuck! She got a well-deserved bath a few minutes before this photo was taken.

Happy Birthday Peach

July 27th, 2013

Peach celebrated her 8th birthday today.  Her birthday was June 16 but she waited to schedule the party until all pack members were in town.

Rosie, Turner, Deli, Peach, and Lily posed patiently for the photo and then cake was served.  The brass object in the background covers an antique coal burning fireplace.  This home was once owned by Otto Mears who built the "Million Dollar Highway" in western Colorado.

The cake contained turkey, carrots, peas, and parmesan cheese.  The icing was cream cheese topped with bacon bits.  Yum! Yum!

Our Bark Box Arrived

July 21st, 2013

Bark Box is a mail order subscription service that sends a package of dog treats, toys, and other items monthly.  This is our first shipment.  We are pleased that the treats are all made in the USA.  A good wag will be had by all.

The Hard Rock 100 Comes to Town

July 13th, 2013


Lily, Turner, Rosie, and Peach check out the starting and finishing gate of the Hard Rock 100 endurance race.  The photo was taken yesterday evening in Silverton approximately 12 hours after the race start.  The race was won this morning by a runner from France who finished the 100 miles in 24 hours, 25 minutes, and 50 seconds.

Cats on the Fence

July 10th, 2013

Cats like to perch.  Perhaps that gives them an evolutionary advantage in hunting prey such as voles or mice.  Or maybe they just like to watch things.  Sophie and Cirrus are perched on the fence in Silverton this evening.

Happy July Fourth

July 4th, 2013


Turner and Peach wish everyone a Happy July Fourth.  This photo was taken on Snowden Street in Silverton this afternoon.

Lily and Rosie posed on Reese Street.  They are enjoying the holiday so far.  Lily will not like the fireworks display scheduled for this evening.

Dachsund Available For Adoption Soon

June 25th, 2013

Tracy came to the Humane Society of Elmore County with a badly fractured and infected leg which required amputation.  Just a few days into the recovery period, she is already getting around amazingly well on 3 legs, running, jumping, playing.  She is happy, friendly, housebroken and will be ready for adoption in just a few weeks.  Stay tuned.

Moonlight Meow-Nota?

June 17th, 2013


Cirrus the cat strides the fence during the first quarter moon.

The Bark Park is Now Open

June 11th, 2013

The Bark Park is now open in Montgomery AL.  Deli checks out the consistency of the turf.  Of course her mistress was equipped with poop bags.

How convenient, a doggie water bowl!

Nice Dog Available for Adoption

June 3rd, 2013

Are you looking for a furry home companion?  This two year old spayed female is very friendly.  She is currently in foster care learning to walk on a leash and not pee in the house.  She has made great progress and will be available for adoption Saturday June 8 at PetsMart in Montgomery AL.  If you examine the photo carefully you'll see that she can wag her tail.

Spring Snow

May 30th, 2013


Peach and Lily check out the light dusting of snow in town yesterday evening.

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

May 25th, 2013


This morning the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was held.  Lily and Rosie wait near the finish line in Silverton.

This bike race was first held in 1972 and had 36 participants.  Cyclists race the steam train from Durango to Silverton, approximately 50 miles.  This morning there were more than 1,200 participants, twice the population of Silverton.  With so many fit and trim cyclists in town, for a few hours today Silverton probably had the lowest average human body mass index of any town in America.

At the Ice Cream Shop

May 18th, 2013

Dogs get free ice cream at Bruster's in Montgomery AL.  Lily, Turner, Deli, Peach, and Rosie visited this esteemed establishment.

Rosie enjoyed some vanilla ice cream.

Deli gave the wag of approval.  A good licking was had by all.